1. Astron RS-12M Linear Regulated Power Supply

    Astron RS-12M Linear Regulated Power Supply

    115-120 volt AC input; 13.8 volt DC output; 9 amp continuous output; 12 amp peak output; ripple less than 5mv peak to peak (full load and low line). 8”W x 4.5”H x 9”D. 13 lbs. Dual analog meter shows volts or amps at the flick of a switch. Lighted (red) power switch on front. Comes with...
  2. Astron SS-10 7 amp 12 V DC Power Supply - like new

    Astron SS-10 7 amp 12 V DC Power Supply - like new

    I just bought ($104.95) this Power Supply from DX Engineering on October 3rd. I opened it up, installed the blue LED to indicate when the power was on. At the same time, I ruined my chance of returning it. I bought too small of a power supply. I'll ship this to continental U.S. for $75 $65...
  3. J

    Astron terminals

    We have several Astron switching supplies in our public safety network. They all have the 12V terminals with a hole and set screw. The slot in the set screws breaks off making it impossible to either tighten or loosen, in spite of grinding down a screw driver that is a perfect fit for the hole...
  4. P

    Icom 706 Shuts down

    So I have a Astron 30 Amp power supply and a 25 amp Power supply. When the Icom 706 is connected to the 30 amp power supply the radio will shut off when the power setting is above "3" The volts on the power supply decrease to around 6 and the Icom will shut off. When I attach it to the 25 amp...