1. I

    Athens/Jackson/Lawrence, OH - SEOEMS to Dissolve Start of 2011

    From WSAZ: BREAKING NEWS: SEOEMS to Dissolve Service at End of Year No more SEOEMS ops. :(
  2. theBruno

    Athens County, OH currently testing Ohio MARCS TRS

    The Athens County Sheriff is currently testing 800MHz radios for use with State of Ohio MARCS - Multi-Agency Radio Communications - The RadioReference Wiki. They are currently using TGID 54224 for testing (will eventually be either TAC1 or a Detective's TG), and TGID 62656 (SO 05 Mutual Aid)...
  3. M

    Athens, GA EMS

    Can anyone provide me with an overview and information about EMS (both ground and air services) in and around (within about 45 minutes drive) the Athens, GA area. Specifically information about setup, call volume, employment, and pay. Thanks in advance.