back light

  1. johnelle

    898t Backlight Dead

    I have had a 898T running continuously for a number of years. Now all of a sudden the backlight is out. The manual says the backlight is an LED which I assume will basically last forever. I have tried hitting the "DIM" key but not sure which mode its in since it is a 2-way button (not...
  2. P

    Backlight longevity?

    Hi, I have a Pro 106 which I listen to while relaxing in bed at night. I find that I like keeping the back light on to see what I'm listening to while scanning. Does anyone have any feeling for the number of hours of use the back lights have in them before they'll need to be replaced? Thank you
  3. S

    Bc 72

    i have a BC 72xlt. i was wondering if there is a way to get the back light to stay on constantly when ever the power is on. i usually run my scanners at night so it is annoying having to reach over every 30seconds to turn the light back on.