baofeng uv-5r

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    Need help with digital and CTCSS/DPL tones

    Hello! I am new to the radio community and am looking for some help. I just purchased a Baofeng UV-5R radio and had some questions about how to listen to some channels. I live in the Bentonville, Arkansas area, so any frequencies I refer to can be found on the website here. After playing with...
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    Help with mobile digital setup

    Hello, Smarter than i am people I have been working on a digital setup for my baofeng-uv5r handheld and i have come across a problem and was hoping i could get some help. I have attached a picture that shows my set up all it is, is 2 different audio cords that plug into the 2 ports on the radio...
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    Baofeng - Post-Transmission Beeps

    Hey y'all! Quick technical question for the group. We use Baofeng radios (mostly UV-5Rs) at our ski patrol, and many of us are having an issue where after receiving a transmission, the radio will beep multiple times (seems to be random - usually between 2-6 times). I don't believe it's the...
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    BaoFeng UV-5R - Entering Channel Numbers

    Hello all, New to the forum and well as to UV-5R. I have been going through the process of setting up the BaoFeng and wanted to find out whether I was entering channels numbers in the correct way. It seems that I have to first select "0" before I can then enter the channel I want. That seems...
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    Newton County Question

    Hey all, I’m a newbie with scanners and need some information if possible. Recently I’ve become very interested in radio and Ham radio specifics. I’m currently living in Newton MS Newton County. Unfortunately I don’t have a large rig but do have a baofeng uv5r. I work as a dispatcher and know...
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    Beofeng uv-5r transmits but no audio

    My work has their own radios but i use my personal radio and just tune into their frequency, anyway i was at work and my radio was fine, i could transmit just fine and receive just fine. Out of nowhere my radio stopped transmitting audio, they could transmit to me and i could hear them, my radio...
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    Baofeng / Chirp / RadioRef error

    Using chirp to program Baofeng UV-5R I am able to import from all zip codes in my area except the zip codes in one particular county. If I select ANY zip code in Tazewell County, IL I get the following error: <unknown>:1:1401: not well-formed (invalid token) This has been going on for a few...
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    Can Baofeng UV-5R scan digital systems?

    Lately a lot of agencies are switching to digital systems does anyone know if the Baofeng UV-5R model can scan digital radio systems and how? If not which affordable scanner can? Thanks
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    NEW to all this Scanner/Radio business

    Hello Smart Radio Peeps, I bought Baofeng UV5R/UV82 Dual Band FM Transceiver and I am WAY out of my league. I was hoping to be able to listen to my local (Gresham) police scanner, listen to weather, and listen to repeaters. NO TRANSMITTING for me. Someday if I ever feel like I can get the...
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    Charging a Baofeng UV-5R plus from a small solar panel

    Am new to the forums, so would appreciate it if someone would channel this post to the correct thread until I can find my way around a little better. I purchased the UV-5R as a disaster radio for a grab and go bag. I have a folding solar panel that puts out DC 5v at 2.4 mA. The output is via...
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    Yaesu to Baofeng via FTBVX8 to UV-5R

    I have the Yaesu VX-8 programming software and the Baofeng UV-5R programming software. Trying to take channels and the channel specifics (not the radio settings) and export them into the Baofeng. Both have an export/import feature, but can't seem to get it to work. (Am able to get the two...
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    Noob 99

    Just bought a subscription to this radio reference, cool but,I'm using Chirp with a baofeng uv-5r. Chirp software allows me to enter my zip code and import my locals, everything works except when I named each frequency only one name I entered shows up. I'll figure it out. Anyway my main issue is...