battery life

  1. S

    bc75xlt rechargable battery problem

    So, first off this bc75xlt works fine with normal alkalines. But when I remove them, flip the switch, and put in fully charged energizer 2500mah ( externally charged ), the scanner almost immediately starts flashing "batt". When I have charged these, or similar batteries ( no name from china )...
  2. P

    Old old old battery...

    I have a Uniden BC 200 xlt that is still working well... we use it for storm reports and mostly 2 meter Ham listening. This old standby has the original battery... you guessed it... it does not hold a charge! We only use this as it is plugged into AC for a half hour or so at a time. Here is...
  3. fwfdengine2

    BC346XT Question..

    Can you tell how much battery life you have left on the BC346XT? Thanks fwfdengine2