1. B

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Using RH96 with 996p2

    Hello All, I recently purchased a RH96 and then realized that it was not directly compatible with the 996p2. A friend of mine showed me a box with some sort of PCB made to adapt the remote cable that comes out of the 996p2 to the input cable of the RH96. Any ideas on how to do this or any...
  2. **SOLD   BC-RH96 Remote Scanner Control Head

    **SOLD BC-RH96 Remote Scanner Control Head

    I have 3 of these to sell. All are in perfect working order with no visible scratches. Controls all functions of the: BCD996T BCD996XT BCT15 BCT15X BCD396T BR330T BC346XT *NEEDS: Data Cable Part # BWZG1627001, Manual and in-line 13.8 Vdc Each unit comes as pictured. $150 each or $400 for the...
  3. Uniden RH-96 Remote Head

    Uniden RH-96 Remote Head

    If you're reading this, you probably know more about it than I do; so I will just tell you about how it lived. It remained in its box for months, was installed in a car, used infrequently, then taken out and stored in a shed for several years. The knobs are crisp, lettering all legible, no dead...
  4. T

    Uniden BC-RH96 new in box

    I have for sale a New in Box Uniden BC-RH96 https://www.ebay.com/itm/184359302417
  5. yeg_scan

    BC-RH96 Questions

    I managed to get a BC-RH96 remote head for my BCT15 recently .. though I do not have it yet but in preparation for the install, I have a few questions. Can you use the serial port on the back of the scanner for the connection to the remote head ? I heard there may be a menu option for this ...
  6. K

    BC-RH96 remote head display

    I just bought a used remote head and 996XT scanner (separate sellers). In the remote head "settings" configuration there is an area to select the color of the display screen. It offers the same choices as the scanner itself. I have selected "white" (since my eyes need all the help they can get)...
  7. PoqFFEMT

    BCD996T/BC-RH96/GPS antenna use

    I've done a search and can't seem to find this but I'm sure it's been done before. I've got a 996T and GPS unit that works great together and I'm wanting to add in the remote head. I only see one serial port in the rear of the 996T. Is there a way to hook them both up to my scanner and I'm...
  8. J

    2005 Dodge Ram 1500 - BCD996XT / BC-RH96

    Here's my setup: - BCD996XT (mounted under driver seat) - BC-RH96 (Remote Head - mounted on dash) - Maxrad MLPV800 antenna (permanent NMO/Motorola mount on roof) - Motorola extension speaker (in passenger floorboard) Install was completed by John Carmichael and his team at C-Comm911...
  9. T

    How does a GPS device for the BCD396XT interface with the BC-RH96?

    I rely heavily on the GPS feature on my BCD396XT. I have read through the BC-RH96 Owner's Manual and it makes very little mention in regards to GPS. I don't want to make assumptions or guess how it may interface. In order for my BC396XT to utilize GPS, the GPS unit needs to be plugged into the...
  10. A


    I was doing a search for the BC-RH96 and came across an Australian electronics dealer that sells an Uniden Australia version of the remote head called the UBC-RH96. Does anyone know if these remote heads are compatible with the U.S. scanners?