1. M

    Need help with programming

    I have a Uniden Trunktracker III scanner, BC346XTC. I live in Lassen County. I have a programming cable and tried repeatedly to program the scanner. I cannot do it. Can anyone assist me? Thanks.
  2. Y

    UnidenBC346XTC battery life

    I have the the Uniden BC346XTC which is a discontinoued model. I wanted to ask current owners or anyone who knows how this scanner works, how do they keep their radio on all day if the battery dies so quickly. I have to constantly keep mine plugged in. I put in AA alkaline but they don't last...
  3. N

    Activate computer program when scanner detects tones

    Is it possible to have a tone detection capable scanner like the Uniden BC346XTC activate a computer program when it detects tones? Either directly or by way of a scanner interface program, I need to run a batch script when the scanner detects a call. Like Two Tone Detect but with the scanner...
  4. C

    BC346XT: Trunking and Discriminator Output

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. For a while, I've been trying to find out how I can hook my scanner up to my computer to provide a feed for ATCS, a program that monitors trains. My old BC72XLT just broke, and I actually ended up getting a BC75XLT. I quickly learned certain channels I wanted would...
  5. J

    Bc rh96 won't connect to bc346xtc

    I just bought a bc346xtc and the remote head unit rc rh96 from scan master and the scanner won't connect to the remote head unit. It says scanner unconnected. I changed the baud rate ( tried every setting) and disabled the c chan but still nothing. Scan master says they are compatible right in...
  6. rhaasjr

    Freescan support for BC346XTC

    What is the chance of Freescan receiving an update to include the newer Bearcat 346XTC? The software currently won't recognize the newer version even though it is the same as the 346XT without any battery charge settings.
  7. J

    Compatible Software for BC346XTC

    I have the "new" BC346XTC scanner, but I want to programming it using my computer. The problem is, I can't find any compatible software. I have tried FreeSCAN and bcTool, but they do not work. The BC346XTC is pretty much the same as the BC346XT, but just has different battery requirements...
  8. J

    BC346XTC suddenly doesn't pick up any radio feeds

    My scanner is about a little over a week old now. Today, I just turned the scanner on, but noticed big problems. I am unable to hear radio frequencies. The speaker works because scrolling through settings creates a tone. The scanner picks up frequencies, but only displays a very small static...