1. S


    Does anyone know the wiring diagram and availability of software for the Uniden BC898T scanner. I have tried searching witout much luck!
  2. WX9RLT

    BC898T programming software - problem

    I am running the BearCat software that you buy from Uniden for the BC898T (BC898T SS) Full version - paid for When I am running it through my computer, to control the scanner via my computer, after a minute or so, it will RESTART my computer! I can use the other features of the software...
  3. cj5

    University of California Irvine is Silent

    I live about a mile from the campus, and I added all the frequencies of the UCI trunk system to my scanner bank, as a trunked bank. I've only added police and security talkgroups to the ID's in this bank, but I am not picking up anything. Is the Radio Reference info about UCI up-to-date? I have...
  4. jowhaley

    BC898T Cedar Rapids PD Trunking Issues

    Hey Everyone, I have a BC898T and I am trying to program the CR Trunking system using ARC898T. I have all the frequencies and ID's entered and uploaded, but I still can't get it to work. Am I missing a setting or does anyone have any ideas on settings I can check. Thanks Everyone! John W.
  5. phintar

    Oakland problems

    I want to monitor Oakland FD, and have it record onto my computer while I am away from my scanner. I know how to do all that and have it all hooked up, but here is my problem. I have Oakland programmed just like RR says to have it programmed, but every once in a while it will make this horrible...