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    BC95XLT: Uniden BC95XLT Lost Sensitivity (Reception)

    Hi All. Long time ago I purchased a 2nd Hand Nascar Branded Uniden BC95XLT. It worked well, and the Close Call feature came in really handy. But some time ago (i believe it may have been after a drop), it became a lot less sensitive. Close Call only detects a transmitter right next to it...
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    Have been scouring the internet for a diagram or even a picture of the insides of this scanner. To be specific I need to see the circuit boards that are inside.
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    Mobile Antennas and range

    Hi, I have been reading this forum for several years now. Great forum with tons of info. I mostly listen to the radio at home. My first scanner I ever got I was like 8yrs old. Now, I am in my mid 30's still listening. Recently, I have been taking my portable out on the road to listen to...
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    Scantenna distance question???

    i was wondering.. i have a Uniden BC95XLT hooked up to a Scantenna in my attic (to protect from outside) my question is... how far will my antenna reach to get a decent signal???. im really looking for air frequencies.. i can reach about.. oh i dont know... 30 miles away with Badley intl. ...