1. M

    My BCD396xt won't power up

    So I have a 396xt. I went to turn it on the other day and nothing. Ok so maybe I left it on and batteries died. Put new alkalines in and won't turn on still I've searched for it and came up with nothing I tried the reset button combo and nothing. Any insight would be great the h it is about 6...
  2. A

    new with scanner bcd396xt

    hi, i recently bought a bcd396xt and have some questions since this is my first scanner, I do have some frecuencyes but I only want to listen to a ambulance and traffic police and I don't want to listen to the other frecuencyes I got (taxi, private security and others) so I want to know if...
  3. N

    Program problem: Project 25 Phase I (FDMA)

    Hello. I have a Uniden BCD396 trunk tracker. I am trying to program a trunked P25 system, Eglin AFB: Eglin Air Force Base Trunking System, Various, Florida - Scanner Frequencies I enter the control channels and their alternates on the trunk freq table using freescan, and I set up all the...
  4. BLAH

    BCD396XT Keypad Locked !

    Hello all, I am having a problem with my BCD396XT. I bought it new from Scanner Master in July of 2009, (dam the warranty is up!) I have never had a problem until now. The keypad will not function, its like the keypad lock is on (eg: only the power key works) all the time, however I have turned...
  5. D

    Need Help

    I am a newbie to this trunking/P25 stuff... I live in Bruce County,ON,CANADA Can someone help me for a few minutes of your time.... I got a lot of information here but can't seem to put it all together.... Computer equipment.... LOTS.... I run servers.... LOTS! Scanner Uniden Bearcat...
  6. C

    P25 Trunked scanning question

    I have a BCD 396T scanner. I live in Colorado where the fire dept I work for uses the P25 statewide system. I am having trouble getting my head around the correct programming method for this system and my scanner. I have the correct channel trunk ID's and have them programmed. As I...
  7. K

    996T not getting older frequencies but p25

    i just got a new 996t programed it with all my local channels\province wide i can get all the p25 police frequence but i cannot get the local city police, rail,airplanes,fire all the stuff which isn't encryped anybody can help me with this problem?
  8. B

    Please explain 396 "tweak"

    OK, I see the 396 digital AGC tweak page on the WIKI and understand what the instructions say to do. But to help me understand what these settings mean and to better tweak to my systems, please explain what the "P25 RES Time" and P25 REF gain" values mean. What does a minus value mean in terms...