1. J

    1st time scanner user needs help using BCD396xt

    I have never used a scanner before but bought a BCD396XT to get started. I printed out the whole manual and browsed through it but don't understand most of the terminology. Scannermasters per-programmed my county for me, and I've been listening to EMS, fire, sheriff, etc. How do I get to the...
  2. F

    BCD396xt & VSP stars!

    I have tried and tried again.......I just cannot seem to receive stars, properly. All i want is VSP.....Through freescan what site(s) do I chose? I live in Newport News, does it make a difference on what sites around me? Do I need the mobile repeater sites? I know I chose all the channels on DIV...
  3. J

    Help choosing a scanner.

    Hi Guy I have been out of the scanner loop for a while, the last scanner I bought was a Radio Shack scanner right at the beginning of the digital era. I have missed scanning so much and have been listening to feeds on my iPhone, but really want to get another scanner. I have been reading a lot...