bcd396xt battery recharge

  1. mesocyclone

    BCD396XT NiMh batteries get hot while charging

    Hi, I just put new NiMh batteries into my old BCD396XT and put it on the charger. After awhile, it got pretty warm. The displayed battery voltage, after removing the charger, was 4.2V. The nominal battery voltage is 1.2V per cell which would be 3.6V for all three. Is this normal? Is it safe...
  2. K

    Uniden bcd396xt "charge off" problem

    My Uniden BCD396XT has apparently developed a problem where the display reads "charge off" when connected to its power supply and in the off mode. The switch in the battery compartment is properly in the NiMH mode and not in the alkaline battery mode. Any thoughts ?
  3. R

    BCD396XT Battery Charge Rate Consume Rate

    I just wanted to post this for everyone, since it was not listed anywhere, and after calling Uniden they did not have it, go figure. The Charge rate on the battery terminals when using NiMh mode is ... 275 mAh when unit is turned off. Fairly consistent. 265-270 mAh when unit is turned on and...