1. For sale: BCD996P2 $290.00

    For sale: BCD996P2 $290.00

    Selling my used BCD996P2 to thin out my collection. The scanner works as it should. Comes with: BNC telescopic antenna, 12v and AC power supplies, brackets, manual and extended length USB cable. I accept PayPal and will cover shipping costs. $290.00 Reply via PM or email: mifflin57@gmail.com
  2. J

    BCD996XT: Philadelphia Fire

    I have a Uniden BCD996XT with the factory antenna and live just a couple miles outside of West Philadelphia. I used Radio Reference and ARC XT to program my scanner. It will not pick up Philadelphia Police or Fire.. It keeps saying finding control channel, same with chester county. Anyone...
  3. touchtoomuch

    BCD996XT Record Out Issue

    I bought a stereo 1/8 3.5mm phone plug and soldered two wires to it, one to the tip and one to either the left or right channel. I don't seem to be getting any audio out of it. I stuck it into the speaker out and was able to hear audio,,, which is wierd since that jack is supposed to be...
  4. G

    BCD996XT-Intermittent Loss of Trunked System

    After a short time successfully receiving both conventional and trunked system scans/comms, the 800MHz trunked comms fail. When the scan shifts to the trunked system, it only displays one of the 10 freqs programmed, but not hit on any comms from IDs in it's two jurisdictions. It can continue...