1. B

    BCT8: BCT8 No "ID SCAN" after firmware update

    BCT8 No "ID SCAN" after firmware update - Montco PA Updated firmware on two BCT8's as per instructions to follow a rebanded mot2 800 system. Now i can not get scanner to ID SCAN. Have tried manually inputting rebanded systems as well as using ARC8 with same results. Although uniden...
  2. ghoxie

    Collin County TX Scanning

    Anyone here in Collin County with a Uniden scanner having any luck scanning? I see they have 4 priority channels in RR. I cannot figure out which one to use to get traffic. BTW, I am using a BCT-8 and ScanControl SW Any help appreciated George, N0JRJ
  3. M

    BCT8 software problems(ARC8)

    I just updated the firmware fine, and would like to try to use Arc8 to program some Alpha tags and such. My problem is whenever I try to send or read the data from the scanner, it says Data 34 Reading trunk type failed. I have the scanner set to remote mode yet it still is not working I have...
  4. kskarma

    BCT-8 Garbled Audio in Trunking mode--only

    I have (3)- BCT-8's that I have owned for 5-6 years and after about that length of time, they all have developed an audio problem when trunking...and ONLY when trunking. The best way I can describe it is like a radio that is tuned just a bit 'off-frequency'...or when you are hearing a Single...