1. KK4LQX

    Using a Digipeater to beacon objects

    All, I'm trying to figure out how to program a KPC-3+ to beacon multiple objects. My local club has 2 repeaters (2 tx/rx sites, 1 of which has 2 remote receive sites). I would like to have our 2 digipeaters automatically beacon the following: 1 Object name: 147.255+N Object comment...
  2. N

    EPIRB/ELT Beacon Signals

    Here's another question related to marine radio signals. Has anyone here monitored 121.5 or 243MHz analog and picked up any EPIRB or ELT signals? Do they generate an audible tone of some kind while transmitting? I understand that since February 2009, analog 121.5 and 243MHz has been...