1. BearTracker 885 - CB / Scanner - Used twice

    BearTracker 885 - CB / Scanner - Used twice

    Beartracker 885 - Used twice for project Digital Scanner & CB Works great Still under warranty - will supply receipt / in all box with all NEW.. Non-Smoking Adult home. I will pay shipping / Continental USA only.
  2. rvacs

    Beartracker 885 - have to plug in Mic or bad audio?

    So got a used Beartracker 885 - updated the sd card. Got it wired in via cigarette plug for now. Hooked up GPS antenna and a BNC telescopic. Heard transmissions on scanner but were very faint and garbled like speaker was blown. Couldn't figure it out - then plugged in the Mic and all started...
  3. rvacs

    Beartracker 885 - Required Mic / CB Antenna connected?

    Just wanted an official -" it's ok "...from Paul (UPMan) or someone. Is it ok to leave the Microphone and the CB antenna unhooked on a Beartracker 885 if you never intend to use the CB functions? I plan on hooking up just the BNC Scanner antenna / and GPS Antenna and of course power... Just...
  4. rvacs

    BCT15X: BCT15x vs. BearTracker 885 -changes?

    So my questions revolve around BCT15x vs. BearTracker 885 @UpMan What in regards to the frequencies pre-programmed have changed? Are they more current in the 885? (Guess it has a Update feature) - Does the 15x have a way to update its pre-programmed frequencies for the states? Is the...
  5. helvis

    BCD996XT Question

    I'm thinking about buying the the BCD996XT. I live in San Diego County and most of what I want to scan is in digital format. I looked into the BCT15X because of the price but it won't receive digital. Does Uniden plan on adding the "Bear Tracker" feature to the BCD996XT in the future?
  6. R

    Need advice, digital or analog

    Hi all, Firstly thank you for reading this. I'm totally new to the game but have been doing allot of research. I have read the getting started wiki, and various other articles/posts. My question, I am going to purchase a receiver. It will be used mainly in my vehicle. My area has gone digital...
  7. B

    uniden beartracker bct8 manual programing

    i just bought a used bct8 and the person i purchased it from did not have the manual. so i have no idea how to program it. if anyone could help me that would be great. thanks