belt clip

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    MTS 2000 Belt Clip Broke

    Hey, Yesterday I had the Belt Clip part snapped off the battery and broke the plastic that holds the belt clip. what are my options.
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    Way to mount a BC346xt to wall?

    Hello. I just bought a BC346xt scanner and i know it has a belt clip that's removable and has the silver circular ring thing on the back(I don't know what to call it.) usually when im at home, i keep my radio just on a table. I want to find some kind of way to count a connector on the wall so...
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    GRE PSR-500 Belt Clip Mod - BIG improvement

    Well, after using the my new PSR-500 for about 1 1/2 weeks, I quickly came to the conclusion that the belt clip is definitely inferior and certainly the worst part of this otherwise great radio. I dug around in the parts bin at the house and found a new Motorola HT1250 clip. It has a similar...