1. n9mxq

    Belvidere Chrysler Plant

    Last week I was bored so I put the plant in my scanner. At first I thought I programmed it wrong, but it seems that they've stopped using the trunking system as listed in the database. I was just down by the plant, and even with close call, I heard nothing... I haven't worked there since 09...
  2. n9mxq

    Boone County/Belvidere Tac3 Encrypted?

    Anyone else on here listen to Boone County/Belvidere TAC 3 (Starcom talk group 1378)? The other day I heard traffic on there, and was pretty sure it was encrypted..Or my poor old Pro-96 was having a braincramp during the decode process..
  3. WX9RLT

    Major Rollover Accident (Poss Fatal)

    Major Car Accident ~ Bypass 20 & Town Hall Rd | Rockford Scanner Major Rollover Accident (Poss Fatal)