1. A

    Alinco: black squiggles on LCD screen, how remove?

    On my Alinco DJ-580 HT (about 20 years old), there are black squiggles on the LCD screen (see attachment). The screen is covered by glass so I can't touch the actual screen. How can I remove them? How can I prevent them from getting bigger?
  2. M

    2013 Butel Software 50% off Black Friday sale

    [Quick Price List] ARC PATROL = $14.95 - (regular price $29.95) ARC-XT BASIC = $19.99 - (regular price $39.95) ARC-XT PRO = $34.95 - (regular price $69.95) * ARC246 for BC246T = $19.99 (regular price $39.95) ARC-500 software = $19.99 (basic) (regular price $39.95) ARC-500 software = $34.95...
  3. Danny37

    Color of radios do you have a personal preference when a radio is black or yellow

    It seems to bother me when I see yellow colored motorola radios, I get that "kiddy toy vibe" for some reason. I understand in the workforce some fire/EMS agencies may issue their members yellow radios but the standard color is black. I've always liked black and black only. I think it gives it a...
  4. gmclam

    CHP Black2 in Sacramento & Yolo counties

    I heard actual dispatching on Black2 today. I am not sure if they were just simulcasting or what, but it did not go on for long as they were back on black shortly thereafter. I heard the traffic around 14:00.