1. Biggyniner

    Anyone else have issues monitoring BOEC

    Hey all, I am out in east Gresham and I have noticed that two of my scanners, including my Whistler 1080 digital, can no longer receive BOEC transmissions, or they are very very patchy. I know that they have gone digital with an analog simulcast. Has anyone else had any issues in east...
  2. K

    BOEC Southeast talkgroup MIA?

    I have noticed in the past week or so that Southeast talkgroup (9456) has disappeared on all my scanners (pro-91, pro-92, pro-2067, pro-96, bct-785). I have listened intently for Southeast calls on all the other known police nets, and even tried open scanning (not easy with BOEC). Did I miss a...
  3. N

    Kelly Butte BOEC Dispatch

    Greetings: I thought some of you old-timers out there might enjoy this. Does anyone remember the old BOEC dispatch center at Kelly Butte, in Portland? The dispatch center began as a command and control bunker, built during the 1950's, to be used by city and county government in case of a...