1. C

    New (-I assume) NXDN Trunking network found near Boise, ID

    Hey all, first ever post on RR. I was looking around the spectrum with SDR# a few weeks ago and found an active NXDN voice channel, something I had not yet seen in my area. As I said in the title, I live on the south edge of Boise ID, within 10mi of the airport and as far as RR is concerned...
  2. mountainrider

    Unknown Talk Group ID's

    Using the HP-1's Trunked System Analyzer and the Current Activity tool, I see some activity with a green font which the help menu describes as Unknown TGID. How can I use this info to help to update the RR DB? I'm located in Boise and so far I have seen these unknown TGID's on Gem State...
  3. riccom

    Boise Fire Says No to 700 MHz Digital Radios

    Ada County Idaho was one of the first jurisdictions in the United States to embark on a cutting edge 700 MHz digital trunked radio project. The City of Boise is in Ada County and agreed to participate in the countywide radio system. The Boise Fire Department purchased more than one million...