1. M

    SpectrumForce Mag Mount Antenna No Longer Receiving Signal?

    I have purchased 2 SpectrumForce Mag Mount Wideband antennas from Scanner Master and both of them have stopped receiving signal when connected to my Uniden BCD325P2 scanner. I mount the antenna on the roof of my car and have the wire go through the driver side door. I know it's not an issue with...
  2. S

    WTB: Scanners with Broken Screen

    If anyone is looking to make something back on their scanner with a broken screen or other defects, please contact me as I am interested.
  3. W

    HP-2: Should I return? Is it broken?

    I recently purchased a used uniden homepatrol-2 scanner off of ebay for $289.99. It was described as being in very good condition. The scanner looked fine, but the reception is horrible. The scanner will scan, but cuts out after a few seconds of radio action. I only live 20 minutes away from...
  4. NYR1122

    Uniden SDS200 Memory Loss

    Hello All, Needless to say I was very excited about getting this new scanner, however it didn't take long to find major problems with it. I first noticed after setting the time/date that after powering it off/on it would reset to Jan. 1 0:00 every time. Then I found that when pressing the...
  5. H

    I just don't get it

    Hi, I recently purchased a BCD996XT Uniden Bearcat Scanner and am totally brand new to any of this. I live in Stillwater MN and cannot get anything to come on this scanner but static. I called Uniden and had them send me a step by step guide to install a frequency but still I get nothing. I do...
  6. K

    Deputy Seeking Advice on P25 Scanner

    Hello everyone, I am posting on behalf of a friend who is a Deputy Sheriff. He currently has a Uniden BCD-996XT in his Patrol Vehicle to monitor MOSWIN. As you could imagine with the nature of the job and responding to emergency calls on rural Missouri gravel roads, he has shaken the Uniden...
  7. T

    MTS 2000 Belt Clip Broke

    Hey, Yesterday I had the Belt Clip part snapped off the battery and broke the plastic that holds the belt clip. what are my options.
  8. BLAH

    BCD396XT: No Reception! Radio will not RX anything ???

    Hello to all, I am not new to communication receivers, I have a (ok) idea of the inner and outer workings of my radio(s) and I have had my 396XT for a few years not having any problems with it.:D Now for no reason it will not receive ANY signals (other then and occasional high pitched sound in...
  9. A

    BCD436HP Died on me

    So earlier this morning, I was running my BCD436HP on my car's battery using the "Serial Port" function so as to run down the AA batteries so if I needed to use it outside of the car, it would have some battery life. It was plugged in using the Uniden provided USB cable that was plugged into an...
  10. N

    PRO-164 From Ebay Wont Trunk!?!?

    I just received a PRO-164 from ebay, claimed to be tested and guaranteed working. I have a PRO-95 that is working just fine (besides missing transmissions due to re-banding... why I got the 164). I have taken my bands from Win95 and transferred them into Win97 to upload to the PRO-164. I have...
  11. GTR8000

    346XT front case cracks

    Has anyone else had any trouble with the top corners of the front case of Uniden handhelds cracking? This thing is less than 3 months old and I've babied it since the day I took it out of the box. Never dropped it or put any stress on it, never left it in extreme cold or heat. Nothing. Then one...
  12. B

    FT-60 kissed a tile floor.

    Thanks to my dog, my FT-60 met the floor personally. The sound isn't coming in clear and the squelch seems always open. It's really disappointing because I always have been very careful not to drop it or even handle it recklessly. I'm thinking of selling it on eBay or directly as damaged for...