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    Funny NYPD radio run

    Slow night for the NYPD in Brooklyn
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    Can some provide the NYPD 73,73 Pcts feed

    Can some provide the NYPD 73,75 Pcts feed Can some one be kind enough to provide the NYPD 73,75 Pcts as i live in this precinct zone. Thank You much appriciated Frequency License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag 476.98750 WIF553 RM 100.0 PL BK...
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    Queens/Brooklyn best Scanner practices? Antenna/pro-2006?

    Hello there this is my first post. I got my first scanner about three weeks ago (a uniden sportcat handheld SC150B) which I enjoyed so much that I bought a PRO-2006 a week later. However, so far I have found that most of the "extra" freqencies which the pro-2006 offers over the Uniden are...
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    New NYPD Feeds

    Hi, Just wanted to let y'all know about two new NYPD feeds I started streaming today: NYPD Brooklyn - 72nd, 76th, and 78th Pcts Live Scanner Audio Feed and NYPD Brooklyn - 66th and 70th Pcts Live Scanner Audio Feed These five precincts cover a sizable chunk of west and southwest Brooklyn...