1. K

    NC Forest Service Paging

    Hi, Recently purchased a Unication G1 pager. I live in Buncombe County. When there is a report of a brush fire, they tone out the Forest Service on the main fire dispatch channel. However, I can't find any info on what tone frequencies these are to program them in the pager. Does anyone know...
  2. nated1992

    Buncombe Co. 700Mhz and Pro 652

    Have a pro 652 and have put the information in for the buncombe county 700 MHZ with a antenna which is 25-1300mhz " so the packaging says " around 19Ft up with around a 45 to 65 run of Commercial grade coax "Stuff the Cable company uses for house drops ". i have been playing with it for about a...
  3. nate1992

    Asheville, Buncombe Co. area feeds

    Hi I in the past hosted the feeds for Buncombe Co. & Asheville, i am considering putting them back up on RR but i would like to know what the interest in them on RR is first So please give me your thoughts!!