1. T

    Largest or Busiest TRS

    I guess this would be the right forum for this question. I live in La. and on the LWIN website it says that LWIN is the largest statewide TRS in the country. Close to 80,000 users (probably more by now). I am wondering what some of the other large statewide systems are. I do know that no matter...
  2. gtaman


    I'm starting a thread over the largest trunked systems in the country. I want everyone's input. I believe I may have found the largest but I may be wrong. I found the Louisiana LWIN system has over 67,000 users that's my guess. Anyone with input? ADMINS IF YOU FEEL THIS IS NOT THE...
  3. BaLa

    Largest TRS?

    I was wondering. What is the biggest TRS out there? Single Site or for Networked Systems, the biggest single site. My County here has 20 Freqs, that gives it 19 VCs. The Harris County (Tx) System has 28 Freqs for the Downtown Site. 27 VCs. Is there a limit to the number of repeaters on a...