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  1. B

    CalFire Repeater Question

    Hey all, I have been scanning calfire command and locals which I understand are “repeated” frequencies. When a transmission is repeated is it only repeated through the tower that the transmitting radios tone is set? Or does it ever work like a simulcast system where repeaters in the area...
  2. qc

    2023 FIRESCOPE Radio Communications Guidelines

    I just came across the 2023 FIRESCOPE Radio Communications Guidelines MACS-441
  3. RadioGuy1951

    NW CAL wildfires

    While the Rocky Fire in Lake County has gotten the headlines (Rocky Fire General Information) there are over 70 fires in Humboldt Count alone, several in Mendocino County, and elsewhere. CA Gov Brown has declared a state of emergency & activated the Nat'l Guard. I just had 2 CA Nat'l Guard...
  4. C

    Need a new scanner antenna

    Hey guys I have a Radio Pro-164 and I need a new antenna for it. I am not listening to any 700mhz frequencies or higher. Theses are the radio frequencies I listen, to I live in El Dorado Hills, up the hill from Sacramento in California. I listen to the CHP 45.36000 Green Base and 42.72000 Green...
  5. RadioGuy1951

    NW Cal Lightning Fires

    Cal Fire MEU & HUU fightling several lightning caused fires in Northern Mendocino & Southern Humboldt counties... Air attack 110 (Mendocino Unit) along with Humboldt air attack in a running battle... Fires are generally along or near Bell Springs Road...I've heard of 6 incidents so far...
  6. RadioGuy1951

    Ponderosa Fire, Manton, CA

    Ponderosa Fire Incident Information: Last Updated: August 20, 2012 7:00 pm Date/Time Started...
  7. RadioGuy1951

    Pass Fire, Mendocino County

    As of this writing (20aug2012 at 1525hrs) the Pass Fire has consumed 5,700 acres. It started 18 aug 2012 by lightening in SRA, and has moved to USFS territory (Mendocino Nat'l Forest... The location is Ham Pass, just north of Mendocino Pass Lat-39.8870981 Long 123.0894548 The fire has...
  8. 2

    Stanislaus County CAL-FIRE

    Does anybody know what frequencies are used for dispatching CAL-FIRE units in Stanislaus County? In the attached map it shows the eastern and western portions of the county to be State Responsibility Areas, but there is no listing for any Stanislaus County CAL-FIRE frequencies in the database. I...
  9. RadioGuy1951

    Napa CA Cal Fire dozer transport fatal accident

    Napa CA - On Calif Hwy 12 in the Napa Area a fatal accident occured today (29AUG11) when a tire blowout on a bulldozer transport started a series of events that involved 3 cars...1 person died, 8 others went to the hospital...that section of Cal Hwy 12 was closed much of the day (now open)...