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    Difficulty decoding cap codes for FD toneouts. Are they something else?

    [Here] is a list of fire departments in Orange County, NY and their paging tones. They use Quick Call II. I've taken recordings of toneouts and used Audacity to confirm that these frequencies are still accurate. I have some documents from the dispatch center which look like this: There is a...
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    Chester County Alphanumeric Fire Pager

    I know there is a list of the alphanumeric fire pager tones for Delaware County, PA, but does anybody know or have a list of frequencies/cap codes for Chester County, PA?
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    Montgomery County ALPHA Paging System

    Hello. I'm looking for some information to program my Apollo Pilot pager. I already have a few capcodes due to some helpful information from another post here, but there is another capcode that I need. I am looking for the SARS 380 Rescue capcode (I'm involved with the Search Dog Team)...