1. n2gql

    Problem with VX2200 Programming Software

    For some reason my CE82 programming software for the VX-2200 has stopped showing the "main programming screen." The basic info at the top of the software shows (serial number, band, com port, group number, etc) but the bulk of the screen with all of the channel info is missing (ch #, xmt freq...
  2. O

    Vertex CE82 VX-2200 problems

    Hi Guys, I have this problem with my brand new radios,2 VX-2200.Well the problem is about the comunication from PC to Radio. Naturally I'd like to inform you about my configuration: RTX : VX-2200E USB programming interface : FIF-10A Adapter cable : CT-104A SW : CE82 ver.1.10W Ok,when I...