1. Salvatorejrc

    Anyone know what this is?

    It's on a building (office/warehouse) that was abandoned, possibly around 2006
  2. P

    Is the Cell Booster Working?

    Hello, I want to test a cell (mobile) booster to see if it is working properly. I have a new RF reader. I guess that I need to set the frequency (Hz) on the RF reader and measure the detected power ratio (dBm) at that frequency; the stronger the power ratio the stronger the reception for the...
  3. C

    Attemping to scan SDSU PD

    Hello everyone, I am attempting to scan SDSU PD on RCS, but had a question I need cleared up. How can you find out what talk group is on which site, in other words... If I wanted to listen to SDSU PD would I need to program a specific site? I have only been dabbling around the North cell...
  4. SkyPager

    State of Maryland to deploy Cell Phone Intercept System in Prisons

    I didn't hear about this until today. It must have been buried in the back of the Baltimore Sun or not covered at all. This is NOT a jamming solution but rather a pusedo-cell that intercepts calls in the prison. Using a white list / black list of cell IMEI's the call is either process normally...
  5. C

    New Users * Mobile Phone Stuff

    F.N.G. (campbellts) here looking for help/support/info etc related to live feed scanning on mobile cell phones. Im using a zte android 3g. Seems the Adobe flash player is NOT supported on this make/model. Any workarounds out there? Im using a gordon edwards scanner/player that is working...
  6. J

    800 cell question

    Hello all: (see pic) The antenna up top is an 800MHz 9dBi (6.9dBd) omni antenna located at 18ft from the ground. I use it to receive scanner info only. Works awesome for VHF, too... I have a 6dBd 800MHz Motorola yagi I want to use for the ATT/Vz towers 8.3 crow miles away. I have verified...
  7. M

    can anyone tell me...

    I know that home phones are around 900 mhz what about cell phones, are they around 900 or 800
  8. P

    Radio Shack Pro-106 - FM 88-108 MHz coverage

    It might have been better to place this in the 1.7 firmware wishlist thread so my apologies beforehand but I am not certain if this could be accomplished with a firmware update or not. It may fall under the 'next model' wishlist. At any rate I would like to have the ability to receive FM radio...