1. SlipNutz15

    Centre County 9K20F1D emission

    Ok, I seem to have run into something I can't find. There is a new paging channel for Centre County 460.6125 that has emissions of 11K0F3E, 9K20F1D. I know that 11K0F3E is NFM...but what is 9K20F1D is for??? I see it says Zentron based alpha-numeric paging. Does that mean this frequency is...
  2. F

    Centre county going digital

    So I just found out that Centre county Pa is going digital by march 2011. This is going to be good for the people that use the radios however for those of us that like to hear whats going on it is going to be a real pain having to buy new scanners. So here is the question, What "digital"...