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    Chesapkeake -Is it just me?

    After this weeks update of the database which included some changes to Chesapeake P25 system, I am experiencing severe loss of transmissions. I must admit I had not updated for three weeks, and I noticed all the frequencies for the site all added another digit “5” at the end of the...
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    Chesapeake Va Scanner Recommendations?

    Have an older scanner not capable of picking up Chesapeake police/fire any longer... looking at both the Uniden BCD436HP and the Whistler TRX‑1 Scanner... does anyone use these in the Hampton Roads area and have feedback? I mainly listen to police/fire but I also travel all throughout...
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    About 7:30 pm tonight I noticed Chesapeake went silent on my 436HP. However, other surrounding cities were being received no problem. I still get transmissions on Brodcastify live feed and the app Action Scanner, and I have heard the dispatch say they are having radio problems. I cannot...
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    Chesapeake Fire/EMS Unit Designation Question

    I have just started listening to Chesapeake Fire/EMS after several years away, and I've noticed that on some EMS calls a unit called "Am" or "A.M." is dispatched rather than a Medic. Is this a BLS Ambulance vs. a "Medic" being ALS? If so, do ALS/BLS ambulances rotate through the stations or...