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    Chesapkeake -Is it just me?

    After this weeks update of the database which included some changes to Chesapeake P25 system, I am experiencing severe loss of transmissions. I must admit I had not updated for three weeks, and I noticed all the frequencies for the site all added another digit “5” at the end of the...
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    Chesapeake Va Scanner Recommendations?

    Have an older scanner not capable of picking up Chesapeake police/fire any longer... looking at both the Uniden BCD436HP and the Whistler TRX‑1 Scanner... does anyone use these in the Hampton Roads area and have feedback? I mainly listen to police/fire but I also travel all throughout...
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    About 7:30 pm tonight I noticed Chesapeake went silent on my 436HP. However, other surrounding cities were being received no problem. I still get transmissions on Brodcastify live feed and the app Action Scanner, and I have heard the dispatch say they are having radio problems. I cannot...
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    Chesapeake VA PD???

    New to this Scanner world trying to learn as I go. I had the scanner programmed but the Chesapeake VA PD is not giving me audio. My blue light comes on and off like it is picking up audio but no audio comes through. Most of the other freq seems to work fine... Fire dept, hospitals, airports...