clark county

  1. J

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS100 - Southern Nevada - Las Vegas - DPS

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at purchasing a SDS100 scanner - I just want to confirm before I take the plunge, that it is capable of scanning both EDACS, as well as Project 25 Phase I. I just recently moved to Las Vegas and am coming from an area that still uses analog radio systems. Any feedback...
  2. B

    SDS100 Questions

    Considering purchasing a Uniden SDS100 scanner. Have some questions regarding if I will be able to hear frequencies in my local area. I live in Clark County Indiana. Will I need to purchase any special software upgrades in order to hear police, fire, & EMS frequencies in my area? Are any of my...
  3. G

    Clark County/SNACC system

    I see the term "deprecated" after all references to this system. Does that mean it's no longer in use? Thanks, Gregg, N2UUP
  4. M

    BCT15X: LVFR Feed input help

    I am trying to figure out how to input the broadcast feed/freqs for the Clark Co (Las Vegas, NV) Fire Departments listed at Clark County Fire Departments for my BCT15X. I've tried using the free scan software but am unable to program it with these talk groups and/or freqs. Any help or...
  5. mtindor

    MARCS-IP ("New MARCS") Site and Talkgroup Discussion

    A new 700 Mhz license application is pending for Ohio MARCS - Cuyahoga Co Project 700 Mhz 5 sites Simulcast Click HERE to view the pending application Click HERE for a Google Map of the sites LOCATIONS Cleveland, OH (CUYAHOGA) Warrensville Hts, OH (CUYAHOGA) Mayfield, OH (CUYAHOGA)...
  6. bigskybuff

    New - Las Vegas, Henderson, Clark County Feed

    From the creators of comes a new feed streaming from Las Vegas, Henderson and Clark County. This stream covers both conventional frequencies and the Clark County Southern Nevada Area Communications Council [S.N.A.C.C.] trunking system. We have most of the Police/Fire/EMS...