1. Mtnrider

    Hooking CM300 to house siren

    I have a cm300 with the motorola relay kit to set off the station siren. radio alerts,wires are in pins 4 and 7,Radio will not trip relay
  2. fdnyfish

    CDM750 & CM300 repeater programming MMDVM

    Can anyone help with some CPS screenshots on how to set up the CMD750 and CM300 as a repeater. Im going to be using them on a low power MMDVM repeater.
  3. S

    Make repeater from CM300?

    I have a pair of Motorola CM300s. (VHF) I would like to join them together to make a repeater. Where do I start? I have a duplex repeater cable, programming software and programming cable. Not sure what programming I need to do to make this work. Not sure duplex is the right cable. I want to...
  4. S

    Basic Freq Programing for CM300?

    Greetings from Texas! I've got a small issue and need some advice. We found 16 brand new Motorola CM300 VHF while doing inventory. They've been given to me to program for around our facility. I've got the programming cable, CPS 5.17, and a trusty ol' Sony VOI laptop with XP - I'm almost...
  5. A

    CM300 Unassigned

    Anybody ever seen a CM300 locked up with UNASSIGNED on the display and a solid steady tone? The only way to clear it is to power cycle the radio off and on. It's usually good for a bit but then does it again. I'm probably going to send it out to Moto but thought I'd ask around first. Thanks!
  6. A

    Two Mobiles Same Vehicle

    I am looking for some guidance on installing two VHF CM300's in the same vehicle an ambulance to be exact. I don't have the budget right now for a dual head setup due to it being a last minute purchase of the ambulance to be used as backup ambulance. I do have two CM300's I am looking to...
  7. N

    programming cm300 pm 400

    Greetings, Will either of the following work for both the cm300 and pm 400 radios: commercial series customer programming software ver. r05.15 professional radio CPS r06.12.04 Dave The trouble with coffee is that you only rent it!
  8. G


    I am trying to program CM300, I have CPS 05.12 and ribless cable 4081C (ethernet to 25 pin) It consistently says it can not read the radio. Com Port is correct, I also tried the cable to through a RIB box. I have tried multiple radios with the same result. I used my WinXP VM then loaded into a...