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    EMS call codes

    I monitor Waterbury/Cheshire Trinity EMS and Northwest CMED. While monitoring both, I hear calls such as "2-Alpha to Midstate," "Alpha to 19," etc. For example, a car called a few minutes ago "Alpha to 19," and now "upgraded" to "Delta to 19 with a respiratory distress on board." Are Alpha and...
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    CT CMED Call Numbers

    Sorry if I put this under the wrong category, wasn't sure where it would belong. I'm wondering if anybody has any information on the identifiers that EMS use on CMED, particularly for Northwest and South Central CMED. I've found a few older threads with some information, but not much. I feel...
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    Is anyone else having problem w/ NH Med 10?

    I cannot hear anything in the City of New Haven either on the Broadcastify Cmed or my own scanner. MY son who works at AMR says there are repeater problems but this has been weeks. Anyone?