columbus police

  1. K

    Columbus Police Encryption

    The City of Columbus is now encrypting the Police Dispatch channels. As of July 10th Police Zone Channel 1 is now encrypted. Just a matter of time before the rest are. Citizens are no longer able to monitor Police service in their areas. I think everyone should complain to the Mayor of...
  2. M

    Columbus Ohio Feeds

    I used to listen to the Columbus police zones 1-5 it is currently offline, I understand the feed is no longer provided but does anyone know if there are plans to add it again? Columbus is my home town but now I live in South Carolina. I still love to listen to the scanner from back home...
  3. oesjmr

    Columbus Police CRT?

    I've recently started to hear (and see) Columbus Police cruisers with a CRT prefix (ex. CRT-11). Does anyone know anything about this? I did a quick search on the forums and online, but couldn't find an explanation. Thanks!