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  1. Icom IC-R30: Updated Listing, Now $375 (SOLD)

    Icom IC-R30: Updated Listing, Now $375 (SOLD)

    UPDATE: 4/5/2021: SOLD! UPDATE: 4/5/2021: Sale pending. UPDATE: 4/3/2021: Price is now $375. Includes shipping to you in the United States (or free pickup if you're in Phoenix, AZ). Hello folks, I recently sold my Uniden SDS100 here, but divorce lawyers are expensive so I'm down to selling my...
  2. A

    Railroad Auction

    New England Railroad would like to invite you to join it's new Auction Site designed specifically and elusively for railroads and railroad items and related material. If you have any old rail cars, tools, equipment, books, magazines, photo’s, or materials you would like to sell we invite you...
  3. OK2BCK

    Communications Receiver 'Full spectrum' covered - antennas selection plan

    Dear enthusiasts, long story short: How to get satisfactory results covering spectrum 100kHz - 2GHz using maximum of 5 antennas? I realise that there will be great loss on big ranges of frequencies in between 'tuned' lengths of antennas but my goal is to have a good gain on all the...