1. A

    NXDN Console

    I'm trying to develop a console to interact with ICOM equipament through NXDN protocol. I connected in a repeater through IP network and were able to capture packages sent by the repeater with Wireshark, and now i'm actually trying to decipher those packages and understand what is what. Been...
  2. K7MFC

    K7MFC mobile shack: 2019 Ford F-150 XLT

    Last summer I replaced my 2013 F-150 with a new 2019 F-150. Just like the last truck, this is my daily driver to the office job, but it does truck stuff too! I've been happy with Ford trucks and decided to get another F-150, but this time around I placed a factory order so I could get the...
  3. N6PIV

    2009 Dodge Ram 2500 custom console

    I looked for months for a commercial radio console that would work with my Dodge Ram 2500 and to my surprise there was nothing available. I considered a number of options including the removal of the center bench seat and I ultimately decided that I was going to need to build something. After...
  4. qc

    Vehicle specific radio console

    Hi does anybody know if jotto or other manufacturers make of the Vehicle 2004 Chevrolet Silverado without center console similar to this Thanks
  5. SlipNutz15

    MCC7500 low voice volume after tones

    I am looking to see if anyone else has heard if this issue or has had the same issue and rectified it. Console is MCC7500, P25 800 TRS patched with UHF paging channel (TX Only) Our county sets off tones, either individual or stacked and toned out; while the tones are going off, the PST...
  6. D

    800Mhz Audible Alert for fire calls

    Hello... I am curious to know if anyone has some insight on a small issue we are going to run into. We are about to go live on a new 800 Mhtz radio system, and will be using Motorola MCC7500 consoles. We currently utilize VHF two-tone paging to alert fire stations/pagers. When we go live with...
  7. KK4LQX

    1996 Ford F-150 Equipment Console

    Hello All, Do any of you guys know if anyone made a radio/equipment console for a 1996 Ford F-150? Obviously it will be used but trying to get an idea of where to start. Thanks in advance!
  8. rftechnyc

    2013 Suburban Center Console

    Hey guys, I have a 2013 Chevy Suburban LT that I want to replace the center console with my 30" Troy console. Issue is that I already see the Bose stereo and the rear AC controls being an issue already. Does anyone have any ideas of how to relocate/delete/work around all the GM crap under...
  9. KK4LQX

    2012 Ford Escape Limited Build

    Hello All, I am in the very beginning stages of building a new to me 2102 Ford Escape and for me the first part is deciding on a console to install. I have noticed that Havis makes a console for the 08-12 Escape that completely replaces the factory console. Here's the link: Havis Products...
  10. P

    Trailblazer Console

    I'm aware of the Havis console, but has anyone ever seen another radio console work in a Trailblazer/Envoy type vehicle? I'm just trying to see what's out there versus just mounting radios to what ever I can get them to stick to.
  11. F

    Home Rack Mount Console

    I bought and assembled a standard 19" sloped-face 10-U console made by Middle Atlantic Products (ordered from Mounted in it are: - Furman PL-Plus DMC Power Conditioner (protects the equipment, includes volt/amp meter and panel lights) - 4-speaker panel from NovecComm (sometimes...
  12. dispatchgeek

    Looking for info on OLD G.E. Dispatch consoles

    I am looking for any information I can find about 1970's vintage General Electric dispatch consoles. I haven't been able to find much on them at all, other than a scant few pictures of police departments that used them. I would be interested to find additional pictures, brochures, manuals or...
  13. B

    Orbacom Service

    Good evening, I am attempting to locate a vendor in the Northern New Jersey area (preferably within 1 hour of NYC, if one exists) that still supports, and repairs Orbacom console systems. I currently have a TDM-150 series Orbacom system with two consoles in service, yet in need of repair. We...
  14. WX4EMT

    2011 Tahoe PPV Install

    Let's get started: First we assemble the stuff to be installed: Gut the truck: Drop the headliner: Be careful of the airbags! No insulation? Mark the spot and drill some holes: