1. ExpatLMRGuy

    APX Crosspatching between two APX 7500's

    Hello all! Does anybody know if there is a way to utilize a crosspatch cable for the respective rear consolette crosspatch port to do the following: Patch voice communications from Zone A; Channel 1 to Zone B; Channel 1. I am trying to set it up so that if a subscriber transmits on Z-A Ch1 it...
  2. D

    TX Inhibit - Astro Spectra and Plus

    Just received a few Astro Spectra and Plus Consolette, programmed them up for TRS and noticed that you cannot TX Inhibit them using a key press in programming. So I figured it out, this is how you TX Inhibit a Astro Spectra and Plus Consolette; 1 - Use the CPS to modify radio wide settings...
  3. M

    CPI Tone Remote/ Astro Consolette

    I'm attempting to connect a CPI DR-10 tone remote to an astro spectra consolette base station. I have a service manual for the consolette, but no documentation whatsoever on the CPI consoles. The consolette DOES have the tone remote board installed. So far I have done the following: I have...
  4. A

    KVL to XTL 5000 Cable

    Hello all, I'm currently in Iraq and my unit has a XTL 5000 Consolette Base Station. We are unable to use the Base Station because we are using a Encrypted Network and I cant find the cable to load the Crypto from the KVL to the Radio and I was hoping that someone knew what cable I needed. V/R...