1. E

    Florida animal control

    Does anyone know how to listen to animal controls radio in Charlotte county fl?
  2. J

    Programming control site frequency?

    WHen you program the control sites frequencies, do you program them in order that this website has them? Or by color? I watched a video and he said I should put the controll frequencies first red and blue. then put the other ones in. But can’t find anything to support that.
  3. S

    SDS100: Applying IFX (Intermediate Frequency Exchange) to a trunked system CC

    How do I apply IFX to a trunked system control channel? The only info I've gleaned from the forums seems to suggest that you would create a conventional channel with that frequency and enter Func key then 7 key and that will apply IFX to all instances of that frequency including trunked system...
  4. B

    NXDN SACCH Decoding

    Hi, I am currently writing a C/C++ code to decode voice and control channels of an NXDN4800 trunked system. I have successfully decoded sound frames but i am having problems on obtaining call information, namely SACCH decoding. I get RTCH voice frames with full VCH(4x72 bits) without a problem...
  5. T

    BCD 996xt control channel issue

    I am trying to find out how to lock on to a specific control channel .... my scanner will sometime auto lock on to 853.6000 then some time it goes away and shows NFM and I'm unable to hear anything in Prince William County Virginia.. please help so I can hear the channels constant wth no issues...
  6. D

    Want to listen to control booth for TV broadcast

    Hi everyone, this is for the Australian's down here. Just a question in regards to my title. Want to listen to control booth for TV broadcast. Took my scanner to a footy game on the weekend and was listening to sportsears, which was great. Though it got me interested in wanting to listen to the...
  7. A

    unitrunker roaming

    sorry if this has been discussed before this site is very active i have a very large system in my area and i would like to set up unitrunker to automatically grab another control as im driving.. would adding all the ccs to a single site and using Chase to grab them work for what i want...
  8. K

    Avoiding Control Channel Data Noise

    I just programmed my PRO-652 and my PRO-96 scanners using the Butel Software with local frequencies. Almost immediately I began hearing what I will call control channel data noise (buzzing sound) and the scanning stops until I scan again - and then it occurs again within a few seconds. I am...
  9. 9

    Fresno Animal Control / CCSPCA?

    I know they have 5 channels with one being used for dispatch, two for tactical, and channel 5 on their radios is a supervisor only channel (three & four are never used). Anyone know any of the frequencies??
  10. C

    Pro Scan w/ two Scanners. Record/Control/Stream

    Alright this might get a little confusing but, I want to know if it is possible to be able Record two scanners (15X & 996xt) on a single audio input using right and left. In addition to recording them i want to be able to run 2 instances of Pro Scan so that i can control each scanner using the...
  11. Northerner71

    488 Rules!

    The new Trunk88 is the best. No need for a tapped radio, awesome, informes you of new radio/talkgroup brilliant. How can it possibly get better? Andrew, this program is amazing. Thank you for all of your hard work.
  12. R

    Another Pro-164 Trunking Question

    Hey folks, Forgive me for asking, while I've gone through post after post, I guess I'm still missing something here. I picked up a Pro-164 on eBay and am working on programming it for a simple Motorola Type II Smartnet system. I've entered in each of the five frequencies listed on RR. One of...
  13. W

    How to connect to Win500 server over WAN?

    I have successfully setup a Win500 remote control server with TCPMux. I have tried setting up port forwarding through my Verizon FiOS router, but I am still ubable to connect from another computer on a different network to the remote server. I am not using any special firewall software besides...
  14. B

    Internet Shut Down, SW balance

    Egypt tried to control the protest by shutting down the internet. The ECHELON program started with phone monitoring, with the super computers our government owns, the internet is a tap into everyones life. The internet may be a cheap way to get a message out to people, but it is not free. I...
  15. J

    ARC500 Virtual Control Display On PC NOT WORKING

    Hello there! I've had this software since I have had my scanner(Pro-106). The software is great and at one time worked flawlessly. However, today I hooked everything up to my PC and and everything works EXCEPT the display on my computer for Virtual Control. Normally it would mimic the display...
  16. va2thc

    Help with my UniTrunker experiance

    Ok here's what I'm trying todo, I baught a BCT15X to try and fallow my local EDACS/ProVoice public security systems, Works fine for analogue, but for the provoice part it wont fallow conversations giving me the discriminator output to decode the provoice with dsd (works great with the bct15x...
  17. w2lie

    Web Controlled radio at

    Yep - the subject says it all. I've installed a new radio this past weekend that allows people to use one of my scanners via remote control (currently requires Windows OS) The new radio is an Icom PCR-100 that can monitor frequencies above 30 Mhz. The radio is located on the Nassau /...
  18. del1964

    Control Channel Data Output 396XT

    Control Channel Data Output - allows the analysis of control channel data without the need to perform invasive modifications to the scanner on the BCD396XT Am curious if anyone has experimented with this, particularly on the Indiana SAFET system? Apologize if this has already been asked. New...
  19. del1964

    Camp Atterbury Range Control

    Just wanted to let everyone know that may live close to Camp Atterbury in Edinburgh, IN that range control is a very active frequency. 138.0375 broadcasting in the clear. Radio checks required every hour at the bottom of every hour. Heard them talking about "UAV" today and about being careful...
  20. M

    Trunking Primary Control or All Channels

    So, I have had the radioshack pro-164 scanner for almost a week. When I look up the city I am trying to program (Bend, Oregon) it gives a list of "primary control frequencies" and then some additional ones (that are not listed as "secondary control"). Should I program all the frequencies into...