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    CPI Panels

    Hi all, I'm helping out a friend in getting an intercom system working at a new (old) farm they've got. There are a bunch of CPI DR10 remotes scattered around the house and the various buildings and those all work fine. Where the challenge comes in, is there used to be a Motorola Base station...
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    DC Remote Help

    Hello, Have a DC remote setup, 6 cpi remotes connected to a cpi DTP, a kenwood 7302. The remotes pick up at very random times, 10-15 seconds of loud static, noise. They can go 2 weeks with no noise, then all of sudden they pick this up 3 times in a day for example. A portable or mobile can...
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    CPI Tone Remote/ Astro Consolette

    I'm attempting to connect a CPI DR-10 tone remote to an astro spectra consolette base station. I have a service manual for the consolette, but no documentation whatsoever on the CPI consoles. The consolette DOES have the tone remote board installed. So far I have done the following: I have...