crystal scanner

  1. B

    Crystal Scanners and Crystals - Bundle

    Bundle of crystal scanners and scanner crystals. No splitting - take the whole bundle. Will ship domestic. Includes five scanners: 1) Regency ACT-106 VHF 10 channel. #6 LED n/f, manual step problematic. 2) Regency ACT-20/6 VHF-Lo/VHF-Hi/UHF 20 channel. #4 LED stays dimly lit on...
  2. S

    Bearcat IV crystals help

    Hello, I have just purchased a very nice Bearcat IV scanner. I have had this model in the past and I loved it. A few years ago I gave the one I used to have to a friend because it stopped working and I was too busy at the time to fix it. Turns out the cord was tired and needed replaced. The...
  3. C

    Robyn High-Low Bander

    This vintage crystal scanner was lent to me by a friend. It claims to scan both Low and High-Band VHF in two banks of 8-each. There are individual lockout switches for each of the 8 High-Band and each of the 8 Low-band channels. I believe that it is operating properly, but I don't have enough...
  4. jdeverett

    Bearcat III Electra Scanner with hum

    Hi all, I just obtained a Bearcat III electra crystal scanner and it has a humming noise from the speaker. I am looking for some ideas on what this could possibly be. I was thinking a tired cap... We still have a lot of old solid analog systems here on the North East Coast. Nothing beats the old...