1. L

    Scanner Crystals

    I just purchased an old bearcat scanner (3&4) that uses crystals, I know these scanners are about obsolete now but, would still love to listen to what I can on this old dog, I joined the fire service in 1978 and that was the first scanner I had bought and have loved this type of scanner ever...
  2. HWG

    Bearcat III - Missing Antenna

    Trying to revive an Electra Bearcat III scanner (pretty neat old scanner) but the antenna that screws in down through the top has went missing. Trying to locate one to keep this little project going.
  3. IAFF2498

    My Dad passed away and my Mom gave his original FD scanner. I am trying to restore it,,Help needed

    Regency 10 channel Scanner Crystals Looking for the following Crystals: York County Virginia Fire 154.400 James City County Virginia Fire 154.355 City of Williamsburg Virginia Fire 154.145 City of Poquoson Virginia Fire 154.340 Gloucester Virginia Fire 154.310 New Kent Virginia Fire 155.6175...
  4. B

    Crystal Scanners and Crystals - Bundle

    Bundle of crystal scanners and scanner crystals. No splitting - take the whole bundle. Will ship domestic. Includes five scanners: 1) Regency ACT-106 VHF 10 channel. #6 LED n/f, manual step problematic. 2) Regency ACT-20/6 VHF-Lo/VHF-Hi/UHF 20 channel. #4 LED stays dimly lit on...
  5. D

    anything about a pro-47

    I just bought my first scanner of any sort. It's a "Realistic Patrolman Scanner Receiver", Pro-47. I'm looking for any information I can get about it. Especially about... ----Antennas ----Crystals ----Where to get crystals and antennas Thanks! Jonathan
  6. R

    Micor Compa-repeater Channel Elements

    I have a UHF Motorola Micor Compa-Repeater that I am trying to get up and running for Sh*^s and giggles. The receiver works just fine but I cant get the transmitter to work because I have no channel elements in the station. I was really disappointed when I discovered the lack of these channel...
  7. jimtovet

    Where to find crystals for old Bearcat?

    Hello all I have two Electra Bearcat IV's They are in mint shape and I want to get them set up with our local frequencies. I'm at a loss as to where to find crystals. Are they still available? If anyone can help I will be very grateful thanks Jim KA1EUI