1. GTR8000

    CSX Police NY/NJ metro area: Motorola or Harris?

    Would anyone happen to know what radios the CSX Police carry in the NY/NJ metro area? Specifically the radios that have access to the NJ statewide P25 system (i.e. 700/800 MHz capable), so likely multi-band Motorola APX or Harris XL/Unity.
  2. C

    Defect Detectors Kentucky

    I live in Louisville Kentucky and there are Norfolk Southern and CSX tracks near me, I have all of the NS and CSX frequencies programmed in on my scanner and can hear the CSX detectors sometimes but the with the NS detectors I have never heard a detector. I have confirmed with a railroad...
  3. greedo24

    CSX trainspotting in West Michigan

    There is an equipment defect detector that will sound off as "mile post one nine point one" near Zeeland that will activate when a Westbound train is about to cross Fairview street near the natural gas power plant. If you're spotting near the James st/104th ave crossing this will give you a...
  4. N

    CSX West Trenton Line

    Would anyone happen to know CSXT frequencies for the West Trenton Line " Example Woodbourne Yard and, Road, Dispatch.