cumberland county

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    Cumberland County Maine

    I will be heading up to Naples Maine soon for the summer. Wondering if anyone knows about weather or not Naples fire is part of the state trunking network as well as Cumberland county Sheriff, and weather or not they are the law enforcement agency for the area. Thanks!!
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    Cumberland county radio freq and tone ids

    Hello everyone im looking for a pdf or any file that has a list of all of cumberland county nj fire tones and frequency ids im getting into the programing system for pagers and radios also i am looking at creating a new dispatch system but i dont have any of the information i need anyone that...
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    portland police

    Does anyone know what Portland has switched too? A few months ago I programmed their trunked system using this site and it worked perfectly. Now there is no traffic. Wondering if someone may have new frequencies or more information on what Portland has done
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    Anyone know where Buena (Atlantic County) PD went?

    Hey, gang: As those of you in West Atlantic County / Cumberland County / Gloucester County may know, Buena entered into an agreement to have Gloucester County provide dispatch services to it. The changes began on Nov. 26, when all the PD calls started addressing Dispatch as "Gloucester...
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    What Scanner(s) needed for Central PA coverage?

    I don't have much radio background. The news organization I work for covers 5 counties in Central PA: Cumberland, Dauphin, Lebanon, Perry and York (northern part). This also means a lot of area is under State Police coverage and also Capitol Police (both on PA-STARNet OpenSky although State...