1. gachamp2

    Wings Over Dallas ATC Audio

    Did anyone capture the ATC audio around the mid-air collision over the weekend in Dallas at the airshow?
  2. Motoballa

    Dallas PD using 7/800 antenna on 460MHz....

    I rode out with my Dallas PD friend this past weekend and on a couple of our calls this one Officer tagged along and I noticed he had a 7/800 stubby on his APX, which granted the radio is dual band on UHF and 7/800, so it would make since if he's on their 800 analog system...But he wasn't. He...
  3. B

    Dallas P25 upgrade

    Anyone have an ETA on when Dallas or Dallas County is going to switch over to digital? I know it has been in the works for awhile.
  4. D

    New Duplex Repeater in Rowlett!

    Just to let anyone in Rowlett know that I just setup my Repeater. 467.72500 - Transmit Frequency 467.55000 - Receive Frequency Also, does anyone know if I could hook up my repeater setup just to 1 antenna? I saw an image online of a duplex repeater using 1 antenna. Is that possible? Thanks...
  5. S

    Metro Movers in Dallas Movers

    The reason Metro Movers inside Dallas? Having numerous movers inside Dallas it's very overpowering in terms of choosing a professional Dallas movers , TX. They are a few questions many inquired simply by our own first time customers. Are you currently Certified and also Guaranteed movers inside...
  6. Radioman96p71

    Westcom P25 system information thread

    The Westcom P25 system went online for testing as of January 14 2014. Westcom (Project 25) System Trunking System, West Des Moines, Iowa - Scanner Frequencies If we can keep all information regarding the new system here, it will make figuring out the new talkgroups and patches a bit easier...
  7. DFD1994

    Dallas Fireground Repeated/Admin

    So I have scanned Dallas/Ft. Worth for several years but for some reason I have missed the Dallas Fire frequency that is listed as "Repeated Fireground/Admin" at 453.67500 with a tone of 131DPL. I am guessing I have missed this because it is never used but I was curious to know if anyone has...
  8. P

    SDR Newbie

    So I got suckered into buying one of these cheap Chinese USB TV tuners with a Realtek RTL2832U inside. I'm using Gqrx and it appears as though my range is 22MHz to 1,100MHz. I am located just outside of Dallas. I can pull up NOAA, FM Radio, several different Dallas Police Department channels...
  9. B

    Dallas District Maps

    Does anyone know of any maps or websites that show the different police districts ie.. central, south, west and so forth. just moved her and trying to figure out where I should be listening to what.
  10. B

    Dallas Scannign question

    I just moved to Dallas and have been listening to Dallas FD and PD dispatch. So is the fire dispatch automated because it sounds like a computer and after every dispatch it sounds like she says something about a map then a letter, not sure what that means. also does dallas send an engine and...
  11. B

    Dallas Fire and Police

    I am moving to Dallas and programming my scanner for the area. I was curious why Dallas Police and Fire are still using conventional UHF systems and not digital or trunking. Just seems like a city that big would need more police channels than those that are shown. There is also a conventional...
  12. davynavy

    Dallas - Downtown Safety Patrol

    Does anyone have the frequencies for the Downtown Dallas Safety Patrol?