1. R

    DSD+ on a ghost frequency.

    I don't know how else to explain that, but: This is a Motorola P25 P1. No P2 or TDMA at all on this system. CC is 406.3625. One of the VCs is 406.7625 (which is not a secondary CC). CC shows that 7625, no matter what TG encrypted or not, is active and the VC is active on that frequency and...
  2. G

    Dead tyt md-380g - help!!!

    Hi, I tried to connect an earphone to my MD-380G, but when I inserted the pin into the socket on the side of the rig, the light on the top of the rig flashed momentarily in red and the rig turned off (dead?) Now the rig is dead, I have tried turning on whilst pressing the top side button and the...
  3. WX9RLT

    BREAKING: Shooting at a Rockford Bank, During Robbery

    BREAKING: Person Shot During A Bank Robbery In Rockford ~ UPDATE: At least one confirmed dead via scanner traffic
  4. D

    Yaesu: G450 Router dead out of box

    Hi Folks, I bought a Yeasu G-450A Router here a while ago and I just got it installed it today. I followed the cabling instructions and it HAS been toned out and tested for continuity on all 6 pins twice. In running the steps on page 8 I have gone thru steps 1-5 and the router HAS gone and...
  5. K

    PRO197 mostly dead (need Miracle Max!)

    I have 3 PRO197s that have worked fine but last night one of them that's only about 3 months old mostly died. The only thing alive is the lighted front panel, no text on the display, no audio, no nothing else. Opened it up to look for anything obvious like burned resistor, etc but didn't see...
  6. A

    BCD436HP Died on me

    So earlier this morning, I was running my BCD436HP on my car's battery using the "Serial Port" function so as to run down the AA batteries so if I needed to use it outside of the car, it would have some battery life. It was plugged in using the Uniden provided USB cable that was plugged into an...
  7. T

    Greene County Site 001 suddenly dead???

    Hi Folks, Anyone know what is going on with the Greene County Trunk System? This week I noticed that the Greene County Trunk System for Site 001 (Primary) was acting oddly. During and after the snow storm (Monday 9 Dec) Site 001 was very active. As the week progressed I could only receive half...