1. H

    Programmin DEC HEX code into scanner ws1080

    I'm real new at this, just purchased the Radio Shack pro-668 which is the same unit I believe as the Whistler ws-1080. I did the automatic programing by entering your city or zip code. Works pretty good but would like at add a group specifically for the police that patrol my neighborhood and...
  2. P

    Please help. Program PRO197 with HEX and DEC codes HOW?

    Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to read and help me with this. The radio is pretty easy to program once you read the easy guide. From what I got the NAC is the same as the DEC and HEx code?? I was given the DEC # 17008 and HEX # 427 Is this the digital = of just saying...
  3. R

    851.xxxx Mhz frequency

    I want to buy a scanner and listen to the stations that are alpha tagged "transport 1" and "transport 2" at University of Michigan Trunking System, Ann Arbor, Michigan - Scanner Frequencies What information do I need to listen to those frequencies and what scanner should I buy? I don't...
  4. CSX_TampaBay

    DEC Talk Groups?

    So I got all my freqs. programmed along with my control channels... I am picking up the police,sheriff, fire and public works... I've read the manual and can't seem to get it...How to program the DEC's so I can listen to a particular agency....I have a RS Pro 164..... Also I'd like to thank the...
  5. F

    How do I program dec and hex into my pro 96???

    I have a radio shack pro 96, and want to listen to austin fire department channel fcom west. It doesn't give me a frequency just a dec and a hex! What is dec and hex and how do I program that in to my pro 96? Thanks
  6. S

    King County Sheriff

    I want to program my PRO-91 scanner to receive three talkgroups: King County Sheriff North, King County Tac-2, and King County Northwest. The DEC codes are, respectively: 23152, 23184, and 23344. I have no idea how to program these into my scanner. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!
  7. S

    Pro-91 help!!!!

    I want to program my scanner to receive King County Sheriff North, Tac-2, and King County Sheriff Northwest. I have no idea how to program into my scanner the three relevant DEC codes: 23152, 23184, 23344. If anyone could render some assistance, I would GREATLY appreciate it! Scanner...