digital radio

  1. B

    Digital Radios (Mid 2018)

    I am looking for a new digital handheld radio for more than a week now. I have decided either to go with Yaesu System Fusion or DMR as off now. The problem with DMR is that most of the better quality radios available are single band. I know that around 90% of DMR repeaters operates on UHF, but...
  2. BLAH

    ICOM ever going to make a digital ver of the R-20 ??

    I have been wondering for a long time now if ICOM is ever going to make a P25 version of the / or like the IC-R20 Think about it, If they had a digital version of the R20 that was still dual band and same frequency range, but it received digital, APCO 25 phase I and phase II, X2-TDMA etc etc...
  3. H

    Digital interoperability: Vocoders, Standards, Oh My!

    I have been trying to figure out which digital radios can communicate with each other using digital voice. I have come across a lot of terms and acronyms and I am trying to sort out which is a standard and which is a vocoder. My goal is to try and put together a list of digital radios that can...
  4. M

    Highland County, FL - New Digital/Encrypted System To Go Online Wednesday

    Sebring, Florida - At 6:30am on Wednesday (September 4th) the Highlands County Sheriff Office will switch to a new digital and encrypted system. New digital public safety radio system goes online Wednesday (The News-Sun Newspaper)