digital reception

  1. R

    Laughlin Casinos

    I'm going to be in Laughlin for several weeks working on a project and just saw that the casino we're staying in has gone digital. Does anyone know if it's DMR or other and are the frequencies the same or have they changed. Trying to determine if it will be worth it to pack a scanner for the...
  2. N

    Pro-96: Pro-2096 Not picking up Digital

    I have a 106 that is working perfectly. Using software from the same company and loading the same digital frequencies and talk groups, digital picks up nothing on my 2096. I can manually stop on one of the frequencies and occasionally hear traffic, but on scan - nothing.
  3. rspr8tr

    Digital reception BCD996XT

    Need some help here. Purchased a new 996XT at Dayton yesterday, programmed it thru software & Radio reference, getting spotty (at best) reception in Indianapolis. The display shows a great signal bar as it searches for active IDs, it even stops on various talk groups, but the audio is missing or...